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  • Lease To Own Financing Agreements

    Be careful when arranging lease or rent to own contracts for equipment you are buying for your home.

    These contracts can sometimes be misleading, speaking from personal experience.

    Here’s a quick video talking about a buyer almost assuming a $30,000 contract!

    Items put on a payment plan over an extended amount of time can end up costing far more than if paid for up front.

    Items such as Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Water Softeners, Water Purifiers, and Hot Water Tanks.

    Be sure to ask UP FRONT what the terms are, and ask for a copy of the contract to be forwarded to you ahead of time.

    Some companies, like Reliance Home Comfort, actually publishes their terms and conditions out in the open for you to find and review beforehand, which is really good.

    You can see those terms right here:

    Have you ever signed an agreement that you later were burned on?

    Leave a comment below, would love to hear your take.

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