COVID-19 Info

This week has been crazy, to say the least.

Lots of news rolling out about the possibility of payments being deferred.

This blog post is to help guide you through the information available.

The Government of Canada has announced many financial assistance plans to help Canadians affected by this outbreak. Info here:

Many mortgage lenders, including the Big 6, have announced that they will be helping their current clients with payment deferrals if the homeowner is directly impacted by the COVID19 outbreak.

Default Insurers:
Canada Guaranty   1-877-244-8422
Genworth  1-844-711-4627
CMHC Info Link:

Big 6 Bank info here:

Here are some contact numbers and email addresses to help you:

Alterna Credit Union 1-877-560-0100 or local branch
B2B 1-800-263-8349
BMO 1-877-788-1923
Bridgewater Bank 1-866-243-4301 mailto:customer.experien[email protected]?subject=Mortgage Payment Relief Assistance
CIBC 1-800-465-2422
CMLS 1-888-995-2657 mailto:[email protected]?subject=Mortgage Payment Relief Assistance
Community Trust 1-800-268-1576
Desjardins Credit Union 1-855-688-2433
Duca Credit Union 1-866-900-3822
Equitable Bank 1-888-334-3313
First National Financial 1-888-488-3313 [email protected]
First Ontario Credit Union 1-800-616-8878
Haventree 1-855-272-0051 mailto:customer.experien[email protected]?subject=Mortgage Payment Relief Assistance
Home Trust 1-855-270-3630 [email protected]
HSBC 1-888-310-4722
IC Savings 416-253-4007
ICICI 1-888-424-2422
Manulife 1-877-765-2265
MCAP 1-800-265-2624 mailto:[email protected]?subject=Mortgage Payment Relief Assistance
Meridian Credit Union 1-866-592-2226 or local branch
Merix/Lendwise 1-877-637-7881 [email protected]
Marathon 1-855-503-6060 mailto:inf[email protected]?subject=Mortgage Payment Relief Assistance
National Bank
Optimum 1-866-809-5800 [email protected]
RBC 1-866-809-5800
RFA/Street Capital Mortgage begins with 4 1-866-939-5005 [email protected]
RFA/Street Capital Mortgage begins with 6 1-877-776-6888 [email protected]
RFA/Street Capital Mortgage begins with 7, 8 or 9 1-833-228-5697 [email protected]
RMG 1-866-809-5800 mailto:mortgagesu[email protected]?subject=Mortgage Payment Relief Assistance
Scotiabank 1-800-472-6842
TD 1-888-720-0075
Verico Lifecycle 1-855-805-7107 [email protected]
XMC 1-877-775-2970 mailto:[email protected]?subject=Mortgage Payment Relief Assistance

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